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Writing + Research

With unlimited ideas and creativity, it's no surprise writing was my first love. Combining authentic thoughts with alluring images, I soon discovered a whole new world: sharing perspectives while inspiring those around me. I credit my literary passions for sparking my flames!

My personal favorites:

Read about being a better you through self-improvement, creativity, equality, and universal problem-solving here.

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I am happy to offer support for mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, C-PTSD, DID, borderline personality disorder, and more. • Formal design and marketing training involves advertising, promotions, graphic design, and brand strategy. I create art not just as an artist and designer paid for hire, but from the heart. • Much of my experience began with photography; print, commercial, and runway modeling; local, regional, and national acting gigs for television, commercials, movies, and festivals; and freelance voice over work. • As an all around creative problem solver and designer, I still offer all of these services listed above, and am always interested in learning more, growing, and developing.

Recent Articles

Above: script for Versace timepiece commercial.

Below: headline samples for same ad campaign.

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