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Social Media Management

Brands with online presences benefit now more than ever thanks to social media. Not only do social engagements boost your search engine rankings (leading to higher impressions and sales!), they also increase visibility, generate traffic to your site, connect brands and influencers for partnerships, strengthen brand image, and let you spy on competition (we won't tell!).

Media Kit

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The Perfect Strategy: Instagram

I have recently developed and grown an instagram account in the pets niche, for kittens Mia + Anastasia. Using basic Office programs like Excel and Word, I organized all of the ideas and content in a way that delivers the messages to the audience using a consistent brand voice (from the animals' points of view), and tells a day-to-day story as the feed progresses. By analyzing insights to determine optimal scheduling, engaging with the audience to build authentic connections, and tracking benchmarks as a means of evaluation and progress, the account has seen a steady growth of almost 500 followers in the first two months, with an outstanding engagement rate of 21%!

Building Community: LinkedIn

During my internship at Gulf Coast Studios, I helped build the brand's LinkedIn presence from the ground up. I interviewed management to determine their overall business goals and tactical marketing objectives, then applied this to target the relevant audiences, cultivating a following of professional contacts.

I am happy to offer support for mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, C-PTSD, DID, borderline personality disorder, and more. • Formal design and marketing training involves advertising, promotions, graphic design, and brand strategy. I create art not just as an artist and designer paid for hire, but from the heart. • Much of my experience began with photography; print, commercial, and runway modeling; local, regional, and national acting gigs for television, commercials, movies, and festivals; and freelance voice over work. • As an all around creative problem solver and designer, I still offer all of these services listed above, and am always interested in learning more, growing, and developing.

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Growth & Reach: Twitter

Twitter is a profound arena to connect with potential customers. These interactions can boost relatability to your audience, leading to an increase in brand awareness and (of course) sales. I utilize engagements with "bigger" influencers to leverage causes, ideas, messages, and promotions. With just 5000 followers, I generated 1.5M unique impressions and earned nearly >65K visits to my profile in one month. Businesses should capitalize on twitter, or hire a social media manager who can!


Article on how to use your Instagram captions to maximize engagement:

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