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How to Leave Quarantine Better Than You Came In

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

The Quick Easy Outline for Basically Anything

You know that one thing you’ve been wanting to do, but can’t find the time? Or always wishing you had an extra hour a day to practice, but there just isn’t enough daylight? Well, you're in luck: Most of the country is under stay-at-home orders.

We cannot do anything. Nothing. No dinners out, no gym, no birthday parties, no shopping, no work. There’s so much free time, we don’t even know what to do with it!

young boy with glasses rolls eyes in extreme boredom; photo from Chris Herd article on The Medium

Many people are used to strict schedules. Now, they're lost, bored, realizing things about life they’d never noticed. Some are releasing anger on anyone who listens – have you seen how hateful some people are suddenly? (We know what they say about idle hands. Don’t be that person.) But don’t feel bad if you haven’t been yourself lately. Change can be great! So… what’s really keeping you from doing “that thing”? If you don’t come out of lockdown with a new skill, you don’t lack time – you lack motivation.

No matter your specific goal, everyone can benefit from routines. Write a daily schedule of basics: a set time for waking up, lunch, dinner, & bed. Structured time frames will keep you from feeling like life is dwindling away. From there, fill your free blocks with whatever you want – anything at all! (I like to cross off items as I go & feel the sense of accomplishment.) Now, let's fill a few of your blank spaces!

If you avoid artistic obligations with, “I can’t even draw a stick person!” this is your time to shine. If you won art shows as a kid, but haven’t “had time” in years, it's your time to shine. Good news: art is subjective. Anyone can create art, & someone will find it so beautiful, even if you don't.

  • If you aspire but struggle, you likely haven’t found your style. Carve out a day to experiment with 3 distinct types or styles of art. For example: if you pick painting, spend time doing abstract, portrait, then cartoon. If you prefer graphic art, design some patterns, signs, then characters. For textiles, you can try to crochet, sew, then knit. Digital ideas may be photo, video, or editing. There are countless forms of art!

We’re not all cut out for it. Maybe you were varsity, DI, or all-star since you could walk, but suddenly the spark was killed & you were never the same. It feels awful to not do things you know you can.

  • During this time, consider specific exercise you’d like to work on – yoga, flexibility, core strength, weight training, pole fitness, dance, etc. Then, check with the CEO of How-to Videos: YouTube. Gyms & studios upload free, detailed instruction on any exercise you can imagine! Yes, you will be sore at first, but in the best way 💪🏼

I’ve failed at flute, piano, violin, guitar… all of it. Can’t even read music – not one note. But I sat at the piano for the first time in 15+ years this week, & within an hour nailed the chorus to one of my favorite songs!

  • Even when you’re not quite (or even close to) hitting a note, keep doing the motions. Even if it’s the tiniest bit of a song you want to learn – how will you learn the rest before you get that part down? As you repeat, your muscles slowly form memory of the actions without you even thinking about it, & guess what? Your brain is a muscle! Commit to just 30 minutes a day, & please tell me what happens. I’ll be ~singing your praises~ 🎶

We all can stand to love ourselves more. The ideas above can contribute to self-care, when it comes to being the best you. Take your naps. Drink your water. Don’t get discouraged if you fall off track, take a “lazy day,” or feel progress moves more slowly than surely. Remind yourself there’s no pressure – step back, breathe, & try again once your mind is cleared.

So, I challenge you to take a skill & get good at it for the next 3 weeks! Tell me today what your ideas are, & in 21 days, show off your work & tag me! Remember that it does not need to be perfect! No one is perfect. Just making progress will bring you such fulfillment. I promise, you will not suddenly be the next Brady or Beethoven – but you will feel like a more rounded, riveting, rich individual. You'll start to glow from the inside out! 🤩

Hannah Jacole

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Koreen Soultribe
Koreen Soultribe
11. Apr. 2020

Love it! Inspirational and much needed in society during times like this

Gefällt mir

This spot right here (in the "comments") is a great place to leave your goals! You can come back & reflect here, or I can reach out & hold you accountable if you want!

Gefällt mir
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