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Some just for fun, some for a cause – which is which? Every design can be transferred onto any other product! View over 90 items by clicking a sample. Available inventory ranges from stickers, pins, notebooks, and backpacks, to sweatshirts, socks, prints, pillows, and clocks!

You really just never know. It be that way sometimes. A trippy spaced out cartoon fox with a puzzled or fascinated look on its face stares at the viewer with its mouth open. The digital design is shown on a laptop case, but it is available on my items.
Our girls' inner confidence starts at birth – it's our job to build it up the RIGHT way. Happy International Women's Day and Women's History Month! • About Collection:  Why does your baby girl HAVE to wear pink? Why do they call your daughter "princess" but your son is "chief" or "buddy"? Women are instilled from a young age with their self-worths – WHAT they can do, HOW they should do it, and all in between. Girls are not delicate flowers anymore, unless they choose: that internal access to options and to make those choices are everything. Beautiful design for those who support gender nonconformity, lgbtqia community, social justice, intersectional feminism/intersectionality, and civil rights. Homage/inspired by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, RIPRBG.
An illustration of the COVID-19 virus in repeating patterns across a black face covering/mask. An excellent piece of artwork to remember the joys of a global pandemic keeping the world in lockdown for over 8 months as economies collapsed, racial justice protests were held, and population control was discussed. Also, you are mandated to wear it (#MaskUp, #MaskItOrCasket) in most public places like stores and restaurants. Some only require social distancing in the United States, but many countries in Europe (like France, Greece, England, Poland, Germany, and Blegium) and Asia are going back to quarantine to stop the spread. What a time to be alive.
Intersectionality brings many unique situations to the table and playing field in the fight for social justice, racial equality, women's rights, LGBTQ matters, and all civil rights. This design shows the #BlackLivesMatter icon with a rainbow striped gay pride flag in the background. Challenges that Black individuals face based on race are inseparable from injustices rooted in other inherent traits that make up their unique identities. Black members of the LGBTQ community know these intersections too well. Use these badges with love. Be safe & strong! All lives cannot matter until black lives matter. – Hannah Jacole
Mean Girls (2004) movie quote on a pin button. Baby pink background with hot pink text that says "you're like really pretty." This is a graphic design artwork for sale by artist and media manager Hannah Jacole through her redubble shop. It's never a bad time to tell a friend, "You're like really pretty." Also, iconic.
Quentin Tarantino + social distancing = Quarantino. What better way to enjoy a global pandemic and worldwide lockdown than with awful dad jokes and puns? Original artwork design by Hannah Jacole Powell-Yost. Now, let us imagine Tarantino movies like Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, Django Unchained, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, remade with the characters wearing masks/face covering for the 2020 coronavirus fun. Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) and John Travolta could pull it off, if we are being honest.
A yellow pin button reads "Yee (and I cannot stress this enough) haw" in black text. The graphic is in a handwritten font in all caps. Designed by media manager Hannah Jacole, this fun accessory is available for sale here in her redbubble shop.
Seafoam green glass coasters, square-shaped, that say "You can never have too much vitamin sea." Sea is spelled like ocean or other body of water. Mermaids' silhouettes cross the foreground and background of the image (each coaster). Designed by Gulf Coast resident, media manager and graphic artist Hannah Jacole, these products are for sale here in her redubble shop.
A round pin button with a graphic detailed icon of the COVID-19 virus cell. The coronavirus picture is a soft turquoise blue, and the background on the accessory is black. Item is available for sale in designer Hannah Jacole's redbubble shop.
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